After my previous project went down in flames, I decided to scrap everything and build something fun in the last 14 or so hours I had. Using a class in Swift called CAEmitterLayer, I decided to build a simple and fun app that aims to to bring a lot of the fun that faceswap brought to Snapchat or the personalized greeting cards introduced to Jib Jab.

What it does

The app assists users in taking pictures of people and making funny buttons and animations using their face.

How I built it

The iOS app was built natively in swift using the AVFoundation library, the CAEmitterLayer class, and various image parsing techniques.

Challenges I ran into

Given the constant variability that comes with newer languages like Swift, I've found that a lot of the methods and code bases that I wanted to integrate into my project were outdated or deprecated. This project was also started very late into the hackathon which made the last half day of Treehacks quite hectic. Oh, and my iPhone's backlight broke sometime late last night (shout out to Nick Swift for letting me borrow his iPod Touch!)

What's next for Face Splash

New animations, app icons, and app/image persistence! And, more importantly, integrating facial recognition that will allow for better image processing.

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