• Imagine you have guest coming to your house and you don't have to be embarrassed with exposing your stupid ssid and password when the ask for wifi info.
  • Or you going to friends house, or Starbucks, or somewhere and you want to connect to Wifi because you are low on your monthly internet bandwidth.
  • How often do you get frustrated asking for password and manually input them on your phone.
  • EZWifi lets your phone connect to wifi simply scanning QRCode without ever asking for wifi ssid and password if they have registered their wifi info on EZWifi which generates.

What it does

EZWifi generates QRCode for wifi owner so that they can let anyone to connect into their wifi network by simply scanning that QRCode.

How I built it

  • When user inputs their wifi info (ssid, password), our iOS frontend will generate a random secret key after hashing those info and creates a QRCode.
  • We exposed REST APIs though our node.js backend server hosted on Azure which does the following tasks:
    • It persistently store users random key, ssid and password into mongodb database server which was launched using mLab platform.
    • It also sends back ssid and password when owner of wifi request with random key.

Challenges I ran into

  • We tried to extend our feature that lets user connect to wifi by simply scanning an object. For that we tired to use different platform such as AWS, GCP and NEC. It's our first time trying to use computer vision technology and we came up short in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Able to brainstorm ideas and complete the project.
  • Making something useful hack by using different tools and approach.

What I learned

  • New skills and platform
    • Deploying app in Azure.
    • Creating mongodb server using mLab.
    • Mongodb

What's next for EZWifi

  • Extend to Android and web platform.
  • Share wifi access across devices
  • Let user scan any arbitrary object. Such as face, poster, cat, dog, etc.
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