I was coding pretty much all night. I made 3 things but i think this was the one I liked the most. I had made an astronaut game where the background would change as the player got further into space killing aliens. Then, I realized I could do something else with that code, so, I decided to go ahead and make a puzzle game in which the pattern to change randomly was applied to villains, so here the player would have to think of his next move and try to be at the same spot as the bad guy while collecting 5 hearts. The game would get harder as the grid you were in got bigger each level and more villains came out. I had used weird music because i wanted the game to have a dark feel. However, I still was not happy with this. So, I decided to combine the elements that I like, music and visuals, and decided to make an audio visualizer. I made a website for my clothing company and tried to use sentigrid and ziggeo to upload videos of my eyeParty but I simply ran out of time. Moreover, I tried to incorporate the Leap Motion but it seemed to be incompatible with my computer. I was very ambitious in my first Hack!

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