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We believe that the traveling experience can be enhanced using the immersive environment that VR has to offer, especially for those who are disabled and cannot manage to travel in person. With our tech, we hope to make virtual travel doable from the comfort of your home.

What Explorly does

Explore any location on Google Street View and look around with the Oculus Rift. Navigate to different locations using the Myo armband.

How we built it

We used a github repo that connects the Oculus Rift to Google Map Street View's API using Three.js and WebVR. We then combined it with another github repo that connect the Myo with Google Map's Street View. While it sounds like a lot of Bootstrapping, we found ourselves having to write tons of code because the two repos used different methods for rendering the 360 effect on Oculus and the math behind it was intense.

Links the github repos we used:

Challenges we ran into

Combining the two repos together was what we spent the whole hackthon doing. The biggest issue was that we had to rewrite most of the Myo Street View repo code because it used a different form of implementation of Street View. Also, due to the lack of documentation of both repos, it was very hard trying to understand the complex calculations that were used to render the depth effect of the Street View. On top of that, configuring the Myo to the code was troublesome in itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to render Google Street View on Oculus using a 360 rendering algorithm that is compatible with the Myo rendering algorithm.

What we learned

Everything about Oculus Rift SDK, Myo API, Three.js, WebVR, and combining two repos that were built very differently from each other despite their similar application.

What's next for Explorly

Implement the finalized Myo movement functionality and landmark-based wikipedia overlays.


Note: The demo link must be run on the Firefox Nightly browser!

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