Andrew Hall posted an update

We are wrapping up core development of our first batch of "Enterprise" features. These features enable deployment and management of Excel-to-Word/PowerPoint document automation tools in a multi-user environment. The features include: • Flexible access control - allows access by email domain or via a user list • Version control - checks if Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents are current. If not, it can disable use until user downloads current version • Restore default values/formulas in the Excel workbook - this makes it easy to restart assessments or portions of an assessment • Administrator and authoring controls - automates creation and management of the document pair. Helps automate protection of worksheets, hiding "hidden" sections and sheets, setting default values, defining input cells, etc. • Usage analysis - allows administrators to view usage statistics And most importantly, server-based Word/PowerPoint document creation (based on a template) - this makes it very easy for occasional users to get started fast (especially combined with auto-open in Excel). Users simply open the workbook, conduct their assessment (modify input cells), then select a Word or PowerPoint report from a drop-down list. The reports are created on our server and downloaded by the user. If desired, the user can then further modify/update the Word or PowerPoint report in the Office apps via the add-in.

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