EVOO was inspired by a particularly harrowing cooking task -- a trip to Lake Tahoe with 13 people. We stayed in the same house, and as the hostess, I cooked every meal the entire time we were there.

Cooking for 2 is relatively easy. Cooking for 13 was a painstakingly stressful process. It was the pain-points from that trip -- hours of searching scalable/affordable recipes, accommodating for many different dietary restrictions, grocery shopping in large quantities, and complete lack of organization -- that inspired the app.

In cooking, the pairing knife is used for chopping, slicing, dicing, and fine movements across a wide variety of ingredients. It's incredibly versatile. I needed a mobile product that was as versatile as my pairing knife to help me before, during, and after the process of cooking.

"The Problem" Recipe discovery is broken. -Search overwhelms the user and lacks direction -Browse is inspirational but lacks follow-through

The cooking process is fragmented. -There’s no single product to search, store, and take action on your recipe -Cooks individually aggregate across Evernote and/or Pinterest, neither of which is dedicated to storing and displaying recipe instructions -With recipe locations and types fragmented, the cook loses out on the opportunity to share recipes efficiently -Time is lost, ingredients are forgotten, and undoubtedly, side dishes are burned due to lack of streamlined instruction

"The Product" EVOO's feature set is relatively slim, but we are particularly proud of our meal planning tool. Our meal planner allows the cook to search and filter by a variety of criteria to recommend the perfect recipe for you. More of our feature set can be found in the screenshots attached. -Recipe outlines -Meal Planning tool -Curated collections of recipes for fun browsing -Step-by-step instructions for each recipe -In-app timers

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