The "Evacuation SMS sender" method saves citizen's life in disaster (e.g. earthquake, fire),
by only receiving the message below.
Your mobile phone evolves to an great location navigator and help desk caller.

What it does

It sends SMS including evacuation information below

  • Evacuation, AED and Medication location map url
  • Help desk service phone number

Mr. Kotaro Shimada. This a disaster prevention center. Pleaase click the url for Evacuation , AED, Medical service Location, nere your place, . If you need help about medication, food supply or difficulty to get back home, Please call +810345402625 for refugee needs center
. /**************************/

Unlike other messaging service, there is no need to care of
types of mobile phone devices or OS types or versions
because of SMS function has been applied to most mobile phone for a long history.
So, even elderly person can recognize and use it compared to email or other Social Network Services.

Also, SMS will show notification popups to mobile devices for recognizing everyone

How I built it

  • IBM blumix Node-RED starter (Including node.js, cloudant NoSQL Database)
  • Twilio (TEL/SMS etc.) API

Challenges I ran into

Creating service even I had never used NoSQL, node.js before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Including our teams accomplishments in a SMS message

  • SMS including Evacuation, AED and Medication location map
  • Help service phone number to the citizen’s mobile

What I learned

IBM bluemix + Node-RED starter is a great tool which can create an application in really short time. It makes you can challenge to new programming languages, new API to create systems that you are hesitated, because of heavy duty and difficult configuration to develop the infrastructure.
Also, creating one Node-Red examples, you can flexibly apply with other proposes. switching databases or changing relations.(e.g. To inform storm coming in Other cities)

What's next

Creating API

Built With

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Kotaro Shimada posted an update

I worked creating SMS sending message system including:

1.Phone number created by Mr.Hagiwara's Requirement phone.

2.Mr.Nakayama and Mr.Tmohiro's Disaster prevention opendata of Toshima model

/*Message Example/ 島田 効太朗さん。豊島区防災センターです避難場所AED医療機関は、 になります。医療・食料・帰宅困難の場合は、 被災者ニーズセンターへ03-4540-2625へお電話ください。 /*****************/ /***In English*****/ Mr. Kotaro Shimada. This is Toshima ward disaster prevention center. If you want information about Evacuation , AED, Medical service Location, please click, If you need help about medication, food supply and difficulty to get back home, Please call +810345402625 for refugee needs center. /**************************/

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