Eva is a chat bot. We strived to create a chat bot that was both helpful and personable. It was important to us that Eva had a complete personality, and was more than just artificial intelligence.

Our web application will be used by people seeking assistance and information in real-time.

Eva leverages the Meya Bot Platform and several APIs to return advice, guidance, and information on variety of topics such as “how to” answers, wikipedia pages, the current weather, and even Chuck Norris jokes when you’re in the mood. Eva is supported by Python and requests are fetched with JSON.

API: WikiHow Wikipedia Open Weather Map Chuck Norris Jokes DuckDuckGo

Eva is unique because she give users curated and specific responses according to their questions rather than lists of links requiring a person to invest more time into their research.

Eva can easily be scaled to be a viable business through the capturing of big data and sponsored and targeted advertising. Our goal is to integrate more APIs in Eva for more functionality.

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