I was inspired to create this extension by the frustration I, and my peers, felt at our university trying to find, sort, and use all of the information we need every semester.

With one click to launch the extension, the app works with various apis to find the weather conditions and forecasts, and to present up-to-the-minute bus arrival predictions to the user. It also figures out which courses are relevant to show the user so they can be on top of their upcoming schedule.

The client-side only app is automated to gather courses and books. Once it has that, it displays contextual information in the form of cards that students need at various times of the day and week. There are links to comparison shop for books once the books are gathered.

This extension gives access to various "apps" within the extension to handle the weather, buses, courses, and books. Further development, such as finding and sorting the hottest nightlife, serving sports schedules and scores, and more, will truly make this the essential chrome extension for a university student to have.

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