We wanted to create a game that incorporated the mystery aspects of an escape room with programing. Programing is difficult and can sometimes be a little boring to learn, but in a game it can be more exciting! *Especially if is your only way out*

What it does

 escapeLearning is a game that helps users learn some basic command lines and programing by exploring and obtaining clues in the classroom, and use them to unlock the classroom.

How we built it

 We used the Unity application to create the game objects and backend logic and programing. Using C# as the primary programing language, we created functions to enable actions for the user to take as they explore the classroom looking for clues. For front end and UI design we used Adobe Illustrator to create all the sprites and effects when the user interacted with the objects in the scene. 

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of trouble initially with Unity, especially trying to connect it with Android Studio. After working with the software for a couple of hours we became more familiar with it, but still ran into some trouble when creating functions and assigning actions to objects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 Bringing everything together on Unity, such as art and code, and getting them to work together!

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity and how to create buttons and assets to apply for a game or application.

What's next for escapeLearning

We would like to add more escape levels and maybe even expand to other educational topics like Math or Science.
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