This is about Masks and other commodities to make society and community to help people. I just realized how the distribution of these is not quite evenly spread out. Some of us, aged 18 to 25, have 200 masks. The older age bracket, have a higher risk of disease and fatality... and they don't have basic prevention kits like sanitizer and masks. Now it's time to help other people even you don't know who you are helping! Don't monopolize your things at home. Reach out to your community! Take action to help people who really need your stuff which you put in your closet.

My suggestion is Introduce to Uber eats, Deliver as distributing commodities service...starting from local people to local people, my neighborhood to yours, anywhere in France, anywhere in the world. A person who has more than enough commodities to someone who has not enough.......Now it's time to help other people even you don't know who you are helping.

What it does

First of all, through Web(App) we are creating, we share information about masks and other commodities to make society and community to help people. Then society do not monopolize things at home, and people can each out to community and start take action to help neighbors really need stuff which you put in closet at home.

How I built it

We already developed prototype on our back end server. This system using Openstreetmap and Javascript to locate demands. We used Leaf Javascript API for Openstreetmap operations and create interfaces from scratch. Currently, our server located in domain and develop sharing code on Github. More participants, contributions are welcome!

Challenges I ran into

This project is the greatest challenge for us. Because in society level we have to change people's mind drastically and in technology level we start struggle with map interfaces.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We focus into social structures. These are new perspective unite not only people on the edge but also ordinal people like our neighbors. People have technology can help, have money can help, we help each others.

What I learned

Then elderly people or someone who has chronic disease has a high risk to get a worse situations with COVID-19 and they are scared to go out to get food or other stuff to survive. These old people will be our first targets.

What's next for Equal Social Distribution Service

For future after this, we will collaborate enterprises or sharing economy company like Uber. Also we will make research how people can solve situation like COVID-19 cases in socially and technologically using our system we create.

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