The advent of increasing carbon footprints, atmospheric changes, and general climate changes have left us oblivious, and unaware of our surroundings. In addition, the inaccessibility of real-time data to view your region's pollution, ozone, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide, etc... values made us curious to find an easier way to be aware of our environment. Viewing ozone proactive areas, poor air quality areas, and atmospherically harmful areas, can protect your health and awareness of the environment. We believe with strong conviction that making people more aware of their environment will make them want to make a difference.

What it does

Our app displays multiple toggle environmental heat-maps, with your real-time geolocation plotted. The app also shows you specific data points and details about atmospheric levels at your specific location. The maps can be toggled to display with beautiful graphical data overlayed include Ozone, Co2, So2, and soil pre-populations directly taken from servers that only output static 2d maps, our map allows user interactivity and real tie exploration. Our app's main health functionality notifies you when you enter heavily polluted areas, ozone areas that can potentially harm your skin if occupied for a long time, or warn you e=about atmospheric conditions in certain regions.

How we built it

We ported a JavaScript-based Map API for Flutter cross-platform use, then we used pixel prediction optimization techniques to get the pixel to scale ratio Dopson units. Using these Dopson units we constructed a geoJSON tile-set. We used Flutter to develop our mobile application.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was finding an applicable Map API to port to use on Flutter, in addition, we had trouble finding efficient algorithms to use pixel data to convert to Dopson units.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing an efficient and powerful pixel to Dopson prediction algorithm; Creating a beautiful UI in the short time we had, and also being able to port MapBox tilesets for the Flutter SDK.

What we learned

Version control can be really helpful if set up correctly. Sometimes you can not engineer everything and you have to focus on the important factors.

What's next for Enviramaptracking.

More map compatibility, and real-time carbon footprint

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