We designed and developed a Mystery Game for K-12 Cybersecurity Education. We were inspired by CTF competitions.

What it does

It's a mystery game that tests the K-12 students' knowledge of cybersecurity. At each step, there are puzzles to be solved before they can go forward in the story. The puzzles include cryptography (encryption and decryption), asymmetry key cryptography (public key, private key), hashing, packet sniffing, reverse engineering, and social engineering, and analyzing the source code.


Hunter family have been disappeared for 3 years. Nobody knows where they are. Whoever has looked for them has disappeared too, because they couldn’t solve the enigma. 3 years after their disappearance, detective Schmidt from Nebraska agreed to work on the case voluntarily, not just because nobody had been able to solve the enigma, but because of the scary accounts told by other detectives. He finds clues in the house to find the lost rooms, until he gets to...

How we built it

Mahshab created the storyline. Mahshab and Ghazaleh created the graphics in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, from scratch. Ghazaleh, Sepideh and Maziyar worked on the Front End. Sepideh and Maziyar worked on the Backend and Cybersecurity questions.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with flask; Animating page elements using Javascript; Connecting the story behind the pictures with the cybersecurity questions asked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Good story, good graphics, making it all work technically!

What we learned

We learned it's a challenging task to design for K-12, or in general, for people not in your generation. We learned animating the page elements with JavaScript. We were challenged by and learned how to deal with flask and use python in it.

What's next for Enigma

Implementing the rest of story (which is so interesting, but 24 hours was too short for its implementation).

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