Amidst this terrific timespan, we tend to have seen every worst scenarios of life, we could have possibly ever imagined. In this outbreak of corona virus many such incidences have taken place where many people have lost their jobs, place, and the basic sources of sustainability. Which definitely, degraded the quality of their lives in every forms. I myself have witnessed this situation in my neighborhood. My neighbour was a single parent, after her marriage she had completely engrossed herself in the household so after when her husband died, she decided to independently raise her both the kids. For that she worked at various places to fulfill the pressing needs of her family and somehow managed. But after when this outbreak struck, She lost all of her jobs and the condition went too distressing everyday. After this scenario, I felt if something amidst this could help her. So We came up with a idea which shall eventually encourage and help women to work independently and help earn them a living and flourish in life on her own terms.

What it does

Here, We give a platform to the womens who have a fundamental knowledge in their respective domains and it's utilisation. For the users, who have degrees strolling with dust into their cupboards with none recognition of their skills, we here, have got you covered where your skills comes into play with the right value of it which follows. Where the general statics, shows that the women are tend to be paid less irrespective of the same hardwork and expertise. Here we help you freelance and let you demand the right value for your work without of much hassle. We here, would be providing workshops for users, who have zero idea about the career opportunities which they otherwise could have explored, empowering them to become independent and to proceed in accordance to their own terms.

How we built it

We built it using Flutter, Dart , Figma and Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was the very first time for us, participating in hackathon, We didn't have much of experience. Many of us were completely unaware of all the new terms that we came across during this span. We had to sit down for hours spending most of our time in understanding and learning the App development. We were constantly having meetings and discussing every curve of our ideas. Due to the limited timespan, our brains were wrenched to come up with a solid plan and work out efficiently with our team at the same time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were highly moved, with the idea of introducing a platform where more of the focus was clearly over the skills and experiences and not based on gender roles. Where it encourages you to come up with your ideas and freelance with the users and get the correct value for your work straightaway from the user without any mediator involved. With that we ask the user to pay a reasonable amount of $20 every month, in return they can earn as much as they can based on their own potential, after using a trial version of the app which shall help them incorporate accordingly to the features and also help them get absorbed to it's usability.

What we learned

In all this process, we exceptionally learned about the teamwork skills and the coordination required, in order to complete a task. In the procedure, we learned about App development/figma and it's immense usability everywhere. Later, to agree over a alike plan in the heap of baffled ideas of everyone. And lastly to keep calm even at times when it felt the most coerce of correct ideas and deadlines.

What's next for Employ(H)er

We are planning on adding 1)Firebase support. 2)Global Expansion. 3)Feature Enhancements. 4)Therapy sessions from professional therapists. 5)Adding free courses and resources available on internet.

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