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The filter is inspired from the Australian bushfire. Our team was devastated from the the loss of wildlife, and the amount of deforestation the fire caused. Along with that, we also took the vicious act of deforestation taking place in Amazon forest in account while creating the effect. We concluded to design an interaction for the user, to let them understand the consequences of Deforestation and Global Warming (which is another attack of mankind, on Earth), on Earth.

What it does

This is an interactive AR effect which shows how the world is going to look if we continue to miss use our green gold i.e. Our forests. The effect provides interactive buttons on either sides, to select the level of Afforestation and Global Warming, and as the user selects the higher Afforestation level, level of Global Warming decreases, and vice versa. The effect not only shows the effects on Earth, but also on our protection coat, Ozone layer. The user can easily switch between Ozone, Cloud or Front view(or mode), using the options present in the bottom of effect.

How we built it

The effect was made possible using Spark AR Studio to create the AR experience. We built all the 3D models(like that of Earth, Trees, Mountain) on our own, using Blender 3D. Next, to create the interactive UI elements were created in Adobe Illustrator and with some support of Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

  • To represent the Earth, or a part of the earth, which consist of all the major elements of the earth which are affected by Global Warming. Earlier we started with complete AR environment with Mountains and Trees all around, but, it being a complex and congested display, we agreed to show a part of the earth.

  • Building the system of Levels. This being our first time of creating a World AR effect, we wanted it to interact with the user in the best way possible. Also, we tried to make the system to give a gaming experience to the user, with smooth animation and tap responses.

  • Working with Spark AR Studio and bridging between its Patches and Scripts was another challenge for us, which was also our accomplishment, as it helped us to achieve interaction which may not be possible or feasible, through either way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of creating the effective and minimum size 3D models, in Blender.

  • Animating the model as we wanted.

  • Scripting the interactive parts of the effect successfully, so that they work as intended. Also, using the Native UI effectively.

  • Successfully launching the filter on intended platforms.

What we learnt

  • How to make use of both Script and Patches in Spark AR Studio, at the same time, using Bridging. Also, using Blocks to use an effect in multiple projects.

  • Build a Gaming Experience, in the AR environment, which not only interacts with the user, but also, responds in the best way possible, also, animating appropriate elements with smooth animations.

  • To work in a team on an AR effect. Dividing the Work, according to teammate's experience, or according to the requirements(which is what we mostly followed, by dividing the work for 3D models, UI elements creation, and working in Spark Studio).

What's next for the effect

  • We next intend to spread the effect, as much as possible. Thus, spreading the message of Grow Trees. Also, teaching the people the consequences of their actions on nature.

  • We have also planned to expand the environment of effect, to cover wildlife and the effect of mankind's actions on them.

  • Along with that, we also intend to add more fact cards, which can be seen presently by tapping on the blinking Sphere near each object (like mountain, trees, Ozone layer).

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