Our solution and its impact on the Corona crisis

Our website remoteGenie is a digital space that provides remote workers with a community and a content library that helps them to become more effective when working from home, or distant from their team members. A requirement during the Corona crisis. A Beta version of our smart assistant will help remote workers to create their personalized work from home schedule to achieve a better work-life balance. remoteGenie is the go-to place to find a buddy, get expert advice on remote working questions, or simply to read up on tips and advice for a better remote work experience - for managers and employees alike.

What we have achieved

We started from scratch. From the basic idea on Friday evening, we created the following:

Team finding

Problem, goals and solution identification

Brand name and domain

Market research to validate our idea

Customer workflow for the smart assistant

Landing page draft [https://remotegenie.de/]

Pitch deck [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f27gVsu0J3lPP8Rh9IY9ZiU5VxC4JwRR/view?usp=sharing]

Video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r85WK-Ks9I&feature=youtu.be]

The necessities in order to continue the project

Developers for smart assistant MVP lean (until June 2020): Beta version of digital platform with calendar synch and advice that helps you thrive based on analysis of user profile/bot

Community and content building (until May 2020): Buddy/mentorship program, forum with acquired users and remote experts as well as content aggregator and own blog for Q&A and curated library

Legal clarification (asap)

Partnerships/sponsoring/fundings (asap)

Our solution post-Corona

Remote work will become the new normal. A lot of people will get used to working from home and begin to enjoy it. Also, companies will realize that they must be ready to split off teams in case a second wave of the Corona outbreak or any other incident occurs. About 50% of all office jobs are computer-based, so the potential for remote work is almost infinite. remoteGenie is fast to set-up as a fully functioning beta-version, and can easily be developed into a fully scalable digital solution to support the future of work.

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