Traveling is great way for many to de-stress and is an important source of happiness and satisfaction. However, it has become unaccessible or even impossible during a pandemic.

What it does

It's an online educational and entertainment platform that utilizes Google Maps API to immerse users in the street view of cities and tourist attractions of a chosen theme. Along the tour, history, fun facts and current news of the location are presented to the viewer.

For workers in the tourism industry, it is also a platform to creatively share their knowledge and make additional income.

How I built it

Build with:

  • Google Street View API
  • React
  • Ant Design
  • BootStrap 4
  • Figma
  • 4 hours - Brainstorm & Design
  • 8 hours - Coding & Finding Resource
  • 7 hours – Sleeping
  • 3 hours – Working on Presentation and wrap-up

Challenges I ran into

Coming with a great idea was one of the challenges we ran into. It was super difficult to come up with brilliant ideas and find an intersection between the brilliant ideas and our skillset. Once we picked the idea, we spent a lot of time thinking about the interaction as well as searching for solutions that turn our vision into reality. We have challenged ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zone and trying different technologies we have not worked with. The biggest challenge was to incorporate the street view API into our React web page. Solving this problem involved solving many smaller problems and it took us a long time to address those questions one by one. Eventually, we did deliver the project within 24 hours and we are proud of our achievements as a team of first-time hackers.

What's next for Edventure

For future opportunities, we are looking to build a crowdsourcing platform, where tour guides and locals can upload their photos, audio description, and video clips, directly from their mobile devices. Accordingly, viewers will be able to make payments or send tips for trips.

We’d also like to conduct in-depth user studies to better understand what other experiences are appealing to travelers - for example, being able to join a tour group with fellow visitors and socialize.

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