Students and faculty are finding it increasingly hard to connect in remote classes, especially during COVID-19. Attempts to force student interaction via video, voice introductions, etc. can be especially uncomfortable for students with certain disabilities, gender identities, and living/working situations.

What it does

Our website provides a way for students to interact and get to know classmates, while controlling the way they present themselves to their peers. Instructors create a class site, where students then curate their own profiles and can interact with classmates' profiles.

How we built it

We designed the UI and aesthetic for our site using Adobe Illustrator, created a webform for profile creation using ReactJS, and linked it to a Cloud Firestore database. We used Netlify to deploy the ReactJS app to a domain we registered with

Challenges we ran into

None of us were familiar with ReactJS or Firestore, and most of us were also inexperienced with Git and GitHub before this project. We were passionate about this idea, but none of us really had the skills for full-stack web development in 24 hours!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about the products and languages we chose to use, and we successfully divided up responsibilities and then combined the different pieces we made using GitHub.

What we learned

We all learned to work with at least some unfamiliar languages, frameworks, services, etc. A couple of us learned ReactJS and the associated technology completely from scratch to build this project.

What's next for EduWire

We hope to better integrate the front-end and back-end code we've already created, improve the aesthetics to better match our designs, and add some of the features we didn't have time to make, like the ability for instructors to register individual classes that students can then join.

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