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Everyone knows, students are lazy. We cram at the last minute - it goes in one ear, and right out the other.

How it works

EduHop is an easy to use flashcards app for students, focusing on:

  1. Revising notes intelligently over time for long term knowledge retention
  2. Collaborative note creation and learning
  3. Premium quality pre-made flashcards
  4. High accessibility with low effort, perfect for learning whenever you have a moment!

Users swipe left if they can't remember a card, and right if they can. Cards users don't remember are brought up more often.

Challenges we ran into

  • Lack of time.

What's next for EduHop

  • Completed iOS app release
  • Feedback from from an exclusive group of students
  • Innovative, effortless data entry for students
  • A bunch of super-secret plans that we're sure people will love! ;)
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