Hospitals can be lonely and depressing. Patients often have very little to occupy their time, and end up focusing on the pain that they’re experiencing instead. Studies have shown that when distracted and engaged, patients' pain lessened and recovery time decreased.

EDEN Garden provides an immersive environment where patients can escape the dreary hospital and create their own virtual garden. This provides an activity to keep them busy and something they can look forward to every day.

What it does

A VR mobile application that allows patients to be immersed into their garden and tend to their own garden from their hospital beds by controlling with a bit of Leap Motion and majority with the mouse.

How we built it

We built all the models from scratch in Maya and Unity. Most of the models were also animated in Unity. We also used the Leap Motion Orion SDK for tracking capabilities.

Challenges we ran into

Team Mostly Designers Only 1.5 coders

Technical Difficulties Missing/inappropriate equipment New application for coder

What's next for EDEN Garden

Currently, the user can use the mouse to move around the objects for gardening. However we hope to integrate Leap Motion for hand motions and connect the application to a VR Headset in the future.

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