We wanted to use the data provided through Dallas OpenData to encourage citizens to take charge to change their communities for the better.

What it does

By analyzing information about waste and recycling at house-level accuracy we are able to provide aggregate information in a summarized fashion that is easier to digest without extensive technical knowledge.

How we built it

We used Python for data acquisition and processing and leaflet.js to render the data in the browser.

Challenges we ran into

Non-uniform data formats, missing field values, difficulty acquiring data in a usable format, rate limits.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The animations! Efficient scraping, mastery of big data. Preservation of our friendship (somewhat).

What we learned

Django is hard ⁿᵒᵈᵉʲˢ ᶦˢ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ Leaflet is pretty nice.

What's next for EcoPulse

Using EPA data. Incorporating more sources.

Built With

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