Who We Are

EcoCycle is a company dedicated to help the environment by providing a way for New Yorkers to dispose of their trash and recyclables properly, as well as helping find water fountains that will allow for refilling reusable water bottles.


Don't you hate walking on the street and having to hold on to garbage because you can't find a trash bin? How about being unsure whether the item you want to dispose of is recyclable or not? Or what if you want to reuse your water bottle instead of disposing it? These are some of the problems that EcoCycle wants to tackle. We aim to assist users in New York City in finding proper trash and recycling bins in public spaces, as well as finding good sources of drinking water from clean and usable water fountains. Better yet, we want to do this with the help of all New Yorkers! By providing a rating system for the water fountains, users will be able to get information on how clean the water fountain near them is. All users can benefit from having access to basic information that can help keep our city streets clean. We help the environment while also being resourceful.

Features of the IOS App

The app opens with a homepage featuring a map of the user's location. In this map, you will be able to see the nearby trashcans and water fountains and get directions to it. From this page you will be able to go to the scan page by clicking on scan tab.

In the scan page, we will be able to use the object detection feature. When you scan a object, the app will recognize it and ask you to confirm if. After confirmation, it will give the user a correct way to dispose the garbage. If we deny the recognization, it will give the user 3 options of what the object might be.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of API did not allow for data for locations of trash cans and recycling bins.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A beautiful website and user friendly app prototype.

What we learned

Became more comfortable with research and taking on the challenges faced by the different technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and understanding how to use Google APIs.

What's next for EcoCycle

Future features include scanning to help distinguish garbage from recyclable items, crowdsourcing through a unique rating system including tags, and a way to incentivize people to recycle more.

Categories that we are applying to:

Best Hack for Social Good, Best NYC Hack, Best Educational Hack, Best Environmental Hack, Best use of Google Cloud, Best Domain Registered with Domain.com The two categories that we were not able to choose in the dropdown option: Best Environmental Hack, Best NYC Hack

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