We think this is a way to make data sets more visual and useful in specific circumstances. The inspiration for the app came from one of Gordon's ideas.

How it works

Depending on which service (or services) is selected, the app will produce a heat map following a color scheme. The more services in an area, the more "heat".

Challenges I ran into

We decided not to implement our former idea. That meant that we had to start over the day of the competition.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Communication between the different "departments" was good (e.g. it was easy to ask for specific graphic features needed in the app).

What I learned

Time constraints don't allow for overambitious projects. The choice of the right tools and right members is fundamental.

What's next for What's hot

Implement online and offline maps, implement a "hamburger" menu with icons and title, integrate more data sets from other cities, more user friendly UI. Many other features could be added to this app.


Android App

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