One of the blockchain's most effective and innovative uses is acting as a monetary incentive to engineer people's reward systems and alter behavior (as well as creating a previously nonexistent market) using cryptocurrency. I took inspiration from past hackathons and from the concepts of blockchain and social psychology.

What it does

Incentivizes teamwork/management using a digital cryptocurrency as a monetary incentive, rewarding satisfactory work and paying the user by adjusting the mining/hash rate of the team member. This is judged by a supervisor to prevent workers from profiting from not doing actual work or poor quality work.

How I built it

Using a webpage built with HTML/CSS/JS libraries, backend with JS, and a blockchain built with Python scripting.

Challenges I ran into

Formatting a decent interface while trying to incorporate a Python-scripted block. Back-end management.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got it to a satisfactory site as a single-member team, did A LOT of full stack development.

What I learned

HTML/CSS + Python is very frustrating to format. I also learn a tremendous amount about UI/UX engineering, as well as expanding my previous knowledge of blockchain systems. Working solo on a project is very testing.

What's next for Ebb-Inflow

-Further fluid web application integration with the Python scripts controlling the blockchain and mining the user's cryptocurrency. -UI/UX updating, revising, cleaning -The possible movement towards a desktop application using Electrum or another framework. -Integration of more users + supervisors for a more efficient system -Possible Solidity code migration to implement the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

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