Everyone gets tired of waiting in long queues in the mall. It causes mental strain and at times results in people missing out on important meetings because they were stuck in a long line when there were already few short to empty lines which they could not go to as they didn't know about it. We decided to take an initiative to combat this issue by making an innovative app to help everyone out by informing them of the current shortest lines for them to help them out.

What it does

It helps manage long queues by creating a system where every customer is given a CustomerID in the form of a QRcode and is assigned to the queue with the shortest amount of people. They are told after how many minutes their turn will come and until then they can shop. They can also ask for more time and the queue is again assigned accordingly. There is also a Staff section in the app where the Cashier logins using their CashierID. The app lets them know who is the next customer and so the cashier can scan the customer's CustomerID to process their transaction

How we built it

We first split up into two teams of developers and prototypers. The developers started designing the backends while the prototypers worked on prototyping the app. Developers hooked up the apps to databases like firebase and mongo DB while the prototypers worked on designing the app to be attractive. Once the two teams were done with their tasks they met up and joined their work together to form the app that is seen right now. Moreover Modules like AV - Foundation, Foundation, UI Kit, etc. were extensively used and extended during the build phases of this project

Challenges we ran into

We faces a plethora of challenges while making our code efficient and easy to comprehend. Reading the QR codes using AV foundation module was the most time consuming challenge we faced but overcoming it early on was a major step that eventually made our project better. Designing a simple and intuitive interface was also a major hurdle which we leaped over by using Navigation controllers, segue, tab bar controllers, etc. We faced other challenges as well but we were able to cross them by staying poised and simply looking for the best way out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We gained a lot of experience in many things like Prototype Designing, Algorithm Efficiency, Dealing with unforeseen hurdles, etc. We developed a simple easy-to-use interface to use our app. We developed a simple easy-to-use interface to use our app. Behind EasyQ's elegant front-end design is our efficient algorithm which calculates the approximate time and allots the counters to the customers. We are proud that we could make this app accessible to all people by making it available on iOS and Android.

What we learned

We learned many skills and got an amazing experience. We learnt Database management and how to better utilize limited time to make a good product. We also learned more about app development by further deepening our knowledge in Swift and Koitlin to make an efficient algorithm that works on both android and iOS. We also broadened our knowledge in professional video editing using softwares like Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

What's next for easyQ

The next big leap for easyQ is going to develop the app into a self transaction machine as well. We plan to do this by using services like Apple Pay/Google Pay. We plan to make it so that the customers can scan the barcode on the product they want to purchase the add it to their cart. At the end they can either pay using Apple Pay/Google Pay or go to the cashier and have their customer ID scanned and pay that way. In this way, we are effectively reducing the queues even more because the customers have to no longer wait to get all their products scanned by the cashier as now they themselves can scan the products to make their life easier and faster!

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