We wanted to explore how income affected different communities in terms of the severity of COVID. So, we created a tool that would be used by local governments to best allocate vaccination resources.

What it does

We created an interactive map that shows the population density and a bubble graph correlating the income and COVID case rate of 51 different neighborhoods within DC. We also calculated Pearson's r for the correlation between income and case rate for the 8 wards in DC using the neighborhoods within each ward as data points. This data is displayed as a 3D bar graph on the wards with the color gradient representing the strength of the inverse correlation and height representing income. We also have data about vaccination rates.

How we built it

Our site was made using React and the sliders and drawers were made using Chakra UI. Mapbox was used to display the map on the site, using the data that we calculated from Open Data DC. We used datasets on the demographics of DC, regions that the city was divided into, along with data on the spread of COVID in DC. We used the data for each neighborhood in a ward to calculate Pearson's r, or correlation between COVID case rate and income. With this data, we could format indicators on the map to help others visualize the data.

Challenges we ran into

We got the data for the vaccination statistics per neighborhood from a Tableau worksheet. We were unable to download the data so we needed to make a scraper that would get the data for us. We also had a hard time trying to create popups when a user clicked on a neighborhood, so we put that information in the sidebar.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully got 3D rendering working in Mapbox and created a visualization that local governments could use to identify targets for vaccination efforts.

What we learned

We learned how to manage and process data in node and how to implement new UI features in react.

What's next for from city import pandemic

This tool could continually be updated to help track vaccination progress. We could also potentially find a correlation between vaccination rate and income. We would also like to create graphs that are displayed in the drawer to better visualize comparisons between neighborhoods.

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