As you may remember from our school years, memorizing the city, region, country and flag on the map was a very difficult situation. Thanks to Snapchat AR technology, we've become so used to seeing figures that aren't actually there for years, where we point our camera. Adapting this technology to education by using the opportunities provided by this constantly-evolving platform has been very effective in developing the idea.

What it does

By rotating the globe that appears as AR, players find the country whose flag is displayed above and the region highlighted on the world map. With the help of different interaction methods and competitive gameplay with the high score system, we aim to bring an immersive experience for the players. So, What can be produced by incorporating AR technology into education is thus shown through this lens.

How we built it

We have modeled a real-like rotatable earth model that will appear at the point where we point the camera. Since the quiz is game-based, we have developed the visual content by adding the effect of countries appearing and disappearing on the world. We prepared a quiz interface asking which country the incoming country flag belongs to, and deepened it with sound effects.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty in optimizing the model in asset generation suitable for the existing file space. It was time consuming to optimize the flag textures and put it on the lens in order to integrate the current number of countries in the world. To evaluate the match's accuracy and generate random selections was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thanks to this competition, we have produced an AR training lens that will appeal to a large number of people. We are thrilled to have developed a foundational project enabling the construction of such enjoyable and instructive lenses.

What we learned

Our primary motivation behind creating this lens was to test whether augmented reality technology would enable us to replace conventional training methods with technologic and modern ones. By creating it as a quiz game, we attempted to make it entertaining and educational, and we found that both Snapchat and the Lens Studio platform are very helpful and enabling in this regard.

What's next for Earth Game

We can turn this educational game into a multiplayer challenge, and if the lens file capacity is increased, the quiz game content can be increase.

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