In Pakistan, literacy rate has already been stagnant at 60% in 2019-20 since 2014-15. Whereas, Covid-19 has deteriorated the situation in terms of student dropouts. Already 22 million students are out of school in Pakistan, however an additional 4.2% dropout figure is estimated during the pandemic.

Women can have restless days but not at the office, they could be an amazing housekeepers but are doubted when given country leadership or even office charge, they may have countless sleepless nights from their motherhood days but could not be late at home when working hard for their future. These double standards are throwing us back as compared to the nations who upheld their women. In Pakistan, women are discouraged at many levels. I always aspire to be a software engineer, but rarely have I ever motivated by anyone. But basic education to a women can do wonders if they are given that opportunity and I was lucky to have that and therefore I never looked back and fortunately became a developer. These all circumstances pushed me to work on a project which can help women to study easily as well as to work from home. Another major setback to education is the deadly pandemic. The increasing dropout percentage is worrisome which is mainly due to halted physical attendance and massive income cutback. Therefore, we have worked on eradicating both the issues. During the current pandemic, mostly schooling moving toward digitalization through online classes. But there are obstacles regarding homework checking (copy checking) while classes are online. Especially primary students between class one 1 to 5. Further without physical presence, it’s impossible to assure homework or diary work completion. A second key issue is that most of the student are living in an underprivileged society and they are unable to purchase new copies every year for different subjects. Hence, they drop their education because of unaffordability. Another key issue is related to unemployment. Teachers who laid off their school jobs during the lockdown, still cannot find any opportunity

What it does

After speculating all these reasons we develop an app called Parwaz and introduce the concept of Digital Copy. A project aims to facilitate: • Digital Copy for Primary Student • Provide Employment to Teachers(Tuition wali baji)

How we built it

On the initial level, allow checking some primary student copies and their structure like Urdu and English using three-line copy but for the mathematics, we need to create a single line copy design. Now, we need to create a simplistic and essay prototype as per UI/UX standard which primary students can easily understand. For application development, we used Flutter and for authentication opt firebase. Most backend design is on firebase Real time Database and firebase cloud storage.

Challenges we ran into

Actually, the challenge is that getting the drawing x, y coordinates with their using point class and storing them in the database. After that retrieve the same coordinate point in order to plot the original drawing on a copy. Further, minimize the number before sending to storage because a single dot generates a cluster of coordinates. Apparently, the sizing of the letter needs to same as the size canvas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a hackathon participator, thinking about new ideas and their solutions that help out the society through development. The skill set is improved regarding not only flutter as well as a data structure, algorithms, data handling, firebase no SQL database.

What we learned

The prime thing we learned is to think, believe, and put your best to achieve it. We learned not only about technology but also problem-solving techniques.

What's next for E-School

For the upcoming phase Parwaz we are willing to introduce the concept of “Books Re-Allocating”. Basically, the idea is that every year parents need to purchase the course for their children but what if we’ll scan these books and create their PDFs. Further, adding it to our app’s teacher module and assign this pdf book to the subject teacher. So, whenever, academic year starts, teachers can make subject book downloadable in pdf. On the other hand, students can easily get their desire subject in which they register. Somehow this will increase education resources in our country.

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