We were inspired by the idea of being able to visually represent a piece of data. We all wanted to make a useful application that presents data in a easy to understand way and that led us to work with and vizualize APIs

What it does

Our project gathers country data from an api called which provides important data about every country on Earth and then presents it in a window that is easy to use with many different functionalities such as choosing a country of your choice, moving to different screens to see the data more clearly, and changing countries while within the application itself.

How we built it

We created a python program that gathers the country data, processes that data, and the outputs it onto a txt file in a nice format. Then, in java, we obtained the data from the file and used JavaFX to present the data in a nice way. We also created our backgrounds in photoshop and adobe illustrator to give a better look to our application.

Challenges we ran into

We first tried using a spotify database but it was very difficult to access and did not provide us the data we needed. This led to us losing quite a bit of time that we could have spent on our final project to make it look better (and to keep us from losing as much sleep as we ended up losing)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very proud of the fact that we were finally able to get the buttons working in Java FX. After struggling for hours late into the night in C++, we weren't able to completely get exactly what we wanted in the code despite our best efforts, so to finally accomplish the task in Java FX was very refreshing and served as a great morale boost for our team. We were also all proud of how the design of our user interface turned out. We were very pleased with how things worked out in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, especially with our designer having to learn Illustrator from scratch.

What we learned

We definitely as a team refreshed upon our knowledge of the coding languages java and python. All of us were exploring new territory with this project, especially regarding APIs and its implementation in the code. We very limited experience on how to implement APIs prior to embarking on this project, and as a result, all of us are very proud of the work that we managed to achieve over the course of this weekend's hackathon.

What's next for Dynamic Country-by-Country Database

In the future, we hope to expand this database to include more properties of a country and to make the spacing and placement of the objects in our application more neat and organized. Due to the time constraint, we went more for functionality and background aesthetic rather than worrying as much about the arrangement of our objects.

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