Being blind should never be seen as a disadvantage. They deserve to experience life just like everyone else, without the fear and the risk to get hurt & of course, they need the confidence to go out in solo trips and find a joy in their own company. Our goal was to create something that would be the “guardian” of the blind.

What it does

It works as the “sixth sense” for the blind. The box has 4 ultrasonic sensors on its front, back, left and right. The sensors are to detect for the safe distance around the user. The back sensor tracks to ensure the presence of the user. The right, left and front sensors track the distance around user so to ensure safe walking distance. If there’s an obstacle within 1 metre, then the audio buzzer will sound to alert the user.

How we built it

We built it on several technologies, primarily using on the Arduino board.

Challenges we ran into

We are not well-versed with hardware. We are software coders :) Yet we chose to pursue a hardware project. It was certainly tough to plan how to to get started with the various components and to integrate them. Putting the boards and wires together was hard as we spent a significant amount of time to configure and test. It was a crazy amount of time (almost 23 hours without sleep) putting everything together and making sure the code works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is another addition to our small hardware family! Finally, something thoughful for the visually impaired to add joy and independence to their lives.

We successfully built modules related to 1) Sensors that detect obstacles beyond 1 metre, 2) make alerts of obstacles via sound & 3) store locations when the Brail.

What we learned

Patience is key! Pre-planning the exact steps for execution is essential, as both aspects, hardware and software, require a level of expertise to display accuracy.

What's next for DV - Ideate

Future versions are to be more compact in a sophisticated style, to double as an extended accessory. Audio buzzer is to be replaced with clear audio instructions so to avoid the annoyance of the buzzer. The current GPS system will be log accurately for the sensors, location and obstacles. We hope to integrate AI, so that it can pick up cues from and make connections to understand general user behavior.

Built With

  • arduino
  • gsm
  • gps
  • html
  • css
  • node.js
  • most-socially-useful-hack
  • platinum-sponsor-sea-pecial-prize
  • people?s-choice-award
  • best-hardware-hack
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