We wanted to expand on already existing components and expand on them. Facial recognition, pressure sensors, and servos all exist independently, but together they can create an intricate and safe lock.

What it does

DumbleDoor is a door that opens based on facial recognition. Its camera is triggered by a pressure sensor. You step on the doormat and DumbleDoor detects that there is a person. The camera then takes a picture and detects if it is the owner or someone else. If it is the owner, they are sent a notification on their mobile device to verify they would like to enter. If it is someone else, the picture is sent to the owner via mobile device, and they can remotely unlock the door or keep it locked.

How we built it

The physical door is made with fiberboard and wood, and the frame is constructed from 80/20 aluminum extrusion. Facial recognition was done with Kairos API. Other circuitry was made with the Raspberry pi.

Challenges we ran into

Building the physical door took a lot of planning and redoing certain parts, as it wasn't a simple step by step process and not extremely intuitive on how we should proceed. The main difficulty was integrating a mechanical solution that fit the software requirements that had already been established. Coding wise, it was much harder. Terrible bugs in the Kairos API made debugging an absolute nightmare, but we were able to solve most of them. Our Beagleboard, which we originally planned on using to run the software, stopped booting. Our camera's driver was also problematic and needed to be fixed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works. The door serves the purpose that we set out to achieve with it, and it surpassed our expectations of how it would look physically.

What we learned

Hardware is cool, software is hard. Having a well-rounded team is a must in a hardware-heavy hackathon such as MakeHarvard.

What's next for DumbleDoor

We would like to move onto using full-size doors with real latches and handles, as well as implement the pressure-sensitive door mat, which we did not have time to finish in one day.

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