Phase 1 of total 3 Phase Product.

What is your team name? Our team name is Disrupt Systems and we are a Lahore based company.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? • Public is unaware of the medicine and their effects they are buying. (Awareness Raising) • Public is not aware of the drug-interaction (The reaction (bad) of the medicine being bought with the medicine they are currently using) phenomenon. • Pharmaceutical companies are looking only for their interests and the interest of the people (doctors) who are working with them to prescribe their suggested medicines, but no one is looking after a common public their socio-economic issues and status.

What is the solution? Solution is devising a mobile app on Android & iOS platform which would be available to download for public at the mid-end of October, 2014. The app would have 18,000+ medicine of Pakistan completely digitalized and with some amazing new features which includes. • Add to favourites (Considering many people buy cretin medicine over and over again so it would give them a quick short hand access to the data. • Price comparison engine integrated (which we have a demo) within the app which would help consumer to quickly identify the best cheap price alternative for the medicine they are buying. • Always up-to date pricing information for the medicines which the consumer is buying because of our 2nd Phase Experimental Implementation.

Will this solution be effective? Yes absolutely this would give you all the details within your reach imagine you searching for a medicine and it gives you all the much needed information when you really need them. Our main data tables are. • Brand Name • Company Name • Salt Name • Drug Category • Pricing (PKR) • Pregnancy Risk • Lactation Risk • Contraindications • Dosage • Precautions • Adverse Effects / Side Effects

So you can see what you would be able to get in the end is massive amount of information and a sense of confidence that what you are buying is completely ok for you or not. It would also help you to make best choices considering your own socio-economic status. The best part is this that this app is going to be an Offline app which means even if you are in a 2G / 3G / LTE / WiFi DarkZone you would have no problem in using this app’s data. And when you finally connect to the internet our app would just check with the server if there is any update regarding any data, and on its availability the app would get itself updated in no time.

Describe your technology & prototype?

We have a working localhost web-based prototype which we shall DEMO on the Pakathon event on Sunday, 28th Sept. 2014. We shall also make sure that you get screencast of the demo (if possible) – and this really is gonna blow your mind [Smiley Face]

Market fit and competition?

We fit in market perfectly as there is a demand of a more optimized solution for drug search and indexing and API integration across all platforms our competition is a book publishing company which publishes medicine information data. We are being different more robust and more innovative, let’s just say we are MORE DISRUPTIVE.

Who will it serve?

It would serve almost everyone who has taken or prescribed any medicine. But our main focus are as following.

Medical Student • There are total of 91 Medical Colleges (Govt & Private) in Pakistan. Considering there are 100 Students every year which is allowed by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) there are 500 Students in every medical college at any point in time and considering the number of colleges we are 45,500 Medical Students who are connected to technology via their mobile all the time.

Doctors • It keep the doctor informed about any medicine if that’s discontinued or not it also tell them the price of the medicine and it’s cheaper alternatives so he can make a better and wise decision of providing medicine which won’t cost the consumer an arm and a leg.

Pharma Students • There are total of 60 Institutes which are registered with Pakistan Pharmacy Council, Max numbers of students allowed per-institution / year is averaging to 100. Considering 4 years of program that’s 400 students and considering 60 institutions that’s 24,000 students.

General Public • This app’s main focus is public awareness and social benefit so General Public is our strong marketing angle.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our competitive advantage is the amount of RAW data we are producing though this app, making everything digital rather than old print and opening up the API’s for other products to integrate directly within this app & outside this app. Not only that we are cheaper than the print version.

How will you implement this solution?

We shall implement this solution via App Stores and Play Store and though online marketing and advertisement campaign.

What are your projected cost and revenues?

Please have a look at our Powerpoint Presentation

How will you market this solution?

We shall market this solution though Online Shopping Stores and iOS App Store + Android Playstore. Plus this app subscription will be available via Medical Colleges and Medical Book Stores around Pakistan.

What are your 3 milestones over the next 6 months?

Following are our goals. • Launch the Android & iOS App • Starting Phase 2 and Deployment • Cloud Services Deployment • Launch of Cloud Base Pharmacy Management Software.

Full Who is your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

We don’t believe we have any weakness but we keep on looking to strive for improvement within ourselves. Our Team Details are as follows.

Dr. Adnan Jabbar MBBS / Surgical Resident Background in Tech Startups and companies around the world.

Who are your advisors/who will you invite to be advisors?

We currently don’t have any advisors but we would love to have someone from Google / Facebook or Amazon who can provide his/her expert opinion on Big Data / Cloud Computing / Data Mining / API Integrations and Scaling Cloud Base Data.

Please submit wireframes and screen shots of your design

It's available on the portfolio.

Did your team collaborate globally? Where are your team members located?

No we haven’t collaborated globally, our team members are located in Lahore, Pakistan.

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