Dr. Kiddie

Team members: Michael Brenner and Grzegorz Przybycien

The New York Presbyterian (“NYP”) Hackathon wish-list asked for a preoperative information app. In consulting with NYP medical staff, our team became enlightened as to why there was such a need. Surgeons do not always have the clearest picture of a patient on the day of surgery. If patients are on site, doctors can log into data systems but data for referred patients comes in from various sources such as a hodgepodge of faxes. To make matters worse, in a pediatric setting, the attending nurse may have to postpone a surgery which will frustrate the surgeon when some or all of the data elements are missing, such as a patient signed consent form. Furthermore, our research showed that surgeons are extremely busy, put in long hours, and are brilliant but are still “human”! We asked ourselves, “can these docs really keep track of everything”?

We developed and designed Dr. Kiddie to function like a Google “inbox” in order to assist surgeons and their teams when they are keeping track of all this information. We aimed to create a familiar user experience since doctors would be readily familiar with their Google inbox system. We created friendly flat design illustrations (such as babies and more) to provide more incentive and eye relief when viewing the data.

Dr. Kiddie enables physicians to manage their daily surgery tasks. The preoperative app data is derived from a patient questionnaire, consent, legal guardianship, consultations, and any preoperative lab results.

When we created Dr. Kiddie’s features, we envisioned a pediatric surgeon during his or her early morning rounds, having the quick ability to easily:

1. see the list of procedures scheduled for current day;
2. schedule a new patient by adding to the list;
3. one swipe postpone or to check done the given surgical procedure notifying the medical team;
4. one tap look back on history of the completed surgical procedures;
5. add and update patient preop notes and share with medical team;
6. view patient details;
7. if needed, refer to the actual patient questionnaire;
8. view prior pediatric procedures;
9. make calls to referring physicians or to patient family members; and
10. see if the parental guardian’s consent was signed,

Please note that Dr. Kiddie is more of a helpful aid and not a massive revamping of the entire system of preoperative care. However, as FHIR becomes more prevalent, we envision that in future Artificial Intelligence will help physicians to manage their 'medical inbox' by analyzing various data sources like lab results, medical notes, and available hospital resources to figure out their optimal day schedule. Additionally, we foresee communication with the user using a voice-enabled app wth natural language processing APIs.

FHIR Resources: Dr. Kiddie’s FHIR resources are Patient, Encounter, Procedure, Condition, MedicationDispense, Observation, AllergyIntolerance.

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