Pre-COVID we spent years working on event and experience design to bring communities together in real life. Then when COVID hit, all of our events fell apart. Moreover, we have family members out-of-state and overseas, and we realized that any future plans of seeing each other were dashed until the pandemic is over. Finally, with a niece on the way, and no way to celebrate, we decided to host our first ever distance dowop. It was a huge success, brining together three generations of not-so-tech-savvy friends and family to enjoy a new member of our community - connected online!

What it does

dowop online lets you do (virtual activities) with other people online. In a simple interface, users can upload an image and a plan of what they intend to host, and then seamlessly invite their friends, or 'future friends' to join online. Members have the option of sharing their plans publicly to allow anyone else to join in on the fun. By keeping the site mobile friendly, and easy to use, while encouraging invites to be sent per event, we are the most versatile and personable way to customize a one-click experience online.

How we built it

We've been working in Wix for 5 years, but with a background in more advanced web development we have struggled to get the full functionality we were hoping for on this platform. Thus we were thrilled as Corvid began to expand their options. We now fully enjoy Corvid's advanced capabilities, and we leveraged the npm packages, backend with node.js, third party APIs, and real-time databases while making dowop online.

Challenges we ran into

We researched numerous video plugins, including the possibility of

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During testing we hosted a virtual birthday party, baby shower, and family reunion. We also got strangers to hang out online to meet while quarantined!

What we learned

Using video APIs are hard! Many have complex user stories with numerous hoops to jump through, including sign ups and payment plans. Moreover, users who are less tech savvy have difficulty figuring out video apps.

What's next for dowop online

Take it to the world! We want help spreading the word to help people stay connected during COVID and beyond. We have a lot more features still in the works, like calendar syncing, automated text notifications, in app reminders, and even an app to help fellow Wix developers incorporate these video chat rooms into their sites.

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