Normally, when STACS goes to hackathons, we try really hard to make a useful web service. This time around, we wanted to align our hack with the spirit of Goldsmiths - so instead we revolutionized Art. DopplerKurt is a game made in HTML5 Canvas and Javascript that lets you control Kurt Lee on his journey through Windows XP. Guided by the ever-wonderful overseer Joe Nash (starring as Tellitubbies sun), Kurt bravely traverses the wonderful freshly-cut green fields of XP while avoiding horrible things like Haskell and Node.Js[1].

We wanted to make the game different from other games out there, so we integrated Daniel Rapp's awesome interface (credit: that allows you to control Kurt by waving your hand over your keyboard - with no special hardware required!

What makes it even more awesome is that we made the game truly interactive. Every time a player loses, their score gets tweeted to a very special lucky person. If you're dissapointed/angered by the unnecessary attention - you can change the twitter target by paying a reasonable fee. Please check out our hack ( and twitter account (@DoppelKurt)

[1]: the only true dev language

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