We have a great passion for using the public's data in unique ways to help the community and the public in general.

We wanted a challenging problem that could possibly help people.

What it does

DoesRoadWorks uses OpenStreetMap API and database in conjunction with Google Cloud tools to find expected times to go along certain roadways. We gather data about a group of roadways, such as speed limits, intersecting paths, the length of the path, etc. and plot this data in a way friendly to civil engineers.

How we built it

We used an improvised scrum method to plan and create the tool.

Challenges we ran into

We assumed the Google Roads - Speed Limit API would be available. The tool, unlike all other Google Cloud APIs we've encountered this functionality was locked behind a premium account paywall.

We had to use the OpenStreetMap tagged streets for the speed limit data. OpenStreetMap has less speed limit data, so our tool has a reduced application scope.

Also the lack of sleep. That was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing our tool and improving our skill set.

What we learned

We learned to look in to the specific API calls needed before starting a project. Rather than assuming an API will allow you to use a call up front.

What's next for DoesRoadWorks


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