Healthy people make functional society. With our app "Doctor Asked" we want to encourage people to seek help for their health problems before it becomes serious. Why? Early stage diagnosis and treatment for any illness saves money and resources from the whole society - and it may save your life too.

What it does

User makes self-diagnosis by describing with few keywords his/her symptons and app asks sympton-related additional questions from the user and makes diagnosis based on answers. After diagnosis user can find list of close by healthcare centers, hospitals or private clinics and decide if he/she wants to contact a healthcare professional. Apps helps with booking appointment for a chosen healthcare place and even gives instructions on how to arrive there by public transportation, taxi or other.

How we built it

  • * For app: Java, Kotlin, RxJava, RxKotlin, RxAndroid, OkHttp
  • * For server: NodeJS
  • * APIs used: Etsimo API

UX and design

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Zeplin

Challenges we ran into

As always, on weekend long hackthon, time is short and since we came up with our idea during the first day, we could only build an app with limited features.

For Katja:

  • first time using mainly only Sketch on hackathon (it was actually easy and time saving, but since I'm still newbie to Sketch, it took a bit time to find all the hidden candy! ) and trying out Zeplin for the very first time to make design and implementations easy for both designer and developer (it worked like a dream!)
  • Presentation (since public presentations are nerve-wracking)

For Natig:

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made awesome demo app with cool working features and nice UI & design. We kept it simple and gave one main attraction feature that eventually trickers users to take better care of themselves and go see doctor if they get sick.

For Katja:

  • For making clear UI and design with user flow on focus.
  • using only Sketch (with only a little help of Illustrator) for the first time on larger scale project
  • For finding the awesomeness of Zeplin

For Natig:

What we learned

For Katja:

  • Using Sketch and Zeplin
  • user path concept & design

What's next for Doctor Asked

  • SMS check up for people without smartphones
  • Adding more features for accessibility for disabled people such as blind people

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