Whenever a patient visits a hospital it takes a significant amount of time before the updated health reports of the patient arrives making it difficult for the proper detection and hence decision making for the health official. This situation is tedious and potentially harmful for both parties.

What it does

DOC 24/7 is a platform where people can access all the facilities related to health problem and where the patient will have their own profile which gives a brief description of their past medical records, recurring medical problems, the vaccines and the medications that they have previously taken , their billings and all necessary health related issues and services.

We created DOC 24/7, which is an all-in-one platform which one can use sitting in their homes by just clicking on their phones to book an appointment , to order medicines , masks and covid kit during this pandemic era of Covid-19. We intend to create a platform which aims at providing the potential patient containing the information of the individual- past medical records, recurring medical problems etc. which automatically reduces the chaos during admission of patients.

How we built our project ?

-> The front-end part of the website is built using:- HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Bootstrap,Materialize CSS ->Authentication of the login page is done using JS. We added google forms to link appointment details of different doctors on the consultation page. We added a map on an emergency page using google maps for tracking the order. ->Adding lab details and viewing different medical histories of patients is done using JS. ->Designs are built with the help of :-Adobe Illustrator, Figma -> We hosted our project on Netlify and added our code on Github.

Challenges we ran into

Design - Challenges include making the user flow smooth and easy so that anyone can access. It was to be designed in such a way so that a person from any background can easily access all his/her medical resources. Ideation - The challenges in the ideation were to think of features that would cater to a wide range of audience from where they could easily access their medical stuff without any hesitate and technical errors . Development - This included frontend and design integration challenges, implementing the interactive design, implementing and integrating the location part for tracking the drone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Creating a User interface and website in less than 3 days.
  2. Affiliations and healthy Business plans for the project.
  3. Tracking of the order possible through the drones.

What we learned

We learnt how to create the prototypes and designs on Figma and created it in just few hours. We even gained a lot of learnings from the mistakes from the feedback of the judges and supervisors.

What's next for DOC24/7

We hope to add Backend development and connecting the project with APIs. We even look forward to apply it on the androids and mobiles through the App development in the future.

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