Inspired by classic iPhone and Andriod games, our team set out to create a game that our younger selves would have love to play. This idea turned into our game, Dividr. Games like Doodle Jump, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Duet, and many others took up most of our time during our younger years. Using modern, up-to-date technology, we were able to create a game that was both fun and functional. We hope you enjoy Dividr as much as we do.

What it does

The goal of Dividr is to get the highest score possible by surviving for as long as you can, and picking up coins along the way. To help you reach your goal, you can break your character into two separate parts that you can control sanctimoniously. We wanted to optimize Dividr for the best possible game-play on each device, so we created fluid controls custom to each device. For the iPhone 6s, we use 3D touch to break apart the player, since this would offer the most fluid and responsive movement. On the other hand, using the Apple TV, we collectively decided as a team to use the swipe feature of the remote. This offered the most user friendly experience on that device.

How we built it

Dividr is a native iPhone app that is built in Swift using XCode. We use the Sprite-Kit framework to do most of the image displaying, but for the most part, everything is made completely from scratch. The graphics were made in Illustrator using a good amount of strokes and glow effects.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we wanted to create our own custom controller for the Apple TV that would allow 3D touch to work on the screen. As we began working on this project, we realized that with the current Bluetooth technology, it would not be as effective as we would have hoped for. We also decided that this would not be the best way for people to play Dividr on the Apple TV. So we moved on, and made a great game using the swipe feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re very proud of our use of the 3D touch capability on the new iPhone 6S’s. This is an extremely new technology that we feel hasn’t been heavily utilized in current apps and that our game uses to the feature’s fullest. In making Dividr multi-platform we felt that the app shouldn't just be wholly replicated but instead enhanced for each of the device’s unique characteristics which why our port of the game to tvOS is another accomplishment we take pride in. In the iOS version we rely entirely on 3D touch input whereas on the Apple TV remote with no pressure sensitivity, we use gesture controls to accomplish the same interaction with the app.

What we learned

With only one of our three members having any experience in Swift (very minor) prior to this Hackathon, we feel as though a comfort in coding with Swift and using Sprite Kit was something we learned. We also learned that though Swift is very cross compatible, designing an app for two different platforms such as tvOS and iOS requires a large amount of object and controller tweaking. Core game functions and dynamics of objects were carried over very easily, however images and text proved to require a large amount of modification.

What's next for Dividr

As a team, we want to see Dividr grow into a top tier iPhone and Apple TV app. As of now, we currently have plans for adding features that will increase the overall Dividr experience greatly. We hope that you can join us on this journey as we publish our app to the Apple Store on both devices, and continue to develop a great game.

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