Often, people do not have the opportunity to explore the wonder of our under water ecosystems. Dive is a service that lets you control an underwater drone in real time.

How it works

Through the app or web platform, you are able to explore the Great Barrier Reef as well as hundreds of other locations around the world. You can also participate in virtual guided tours lead by professionals. Dive is an immersive educational resource for families, schools, and individuals.

Our platform is designed to be easy and fun to use. You are able to record video and take pictures. With this content you can assist in research and connect with a global community on social media. Dive It’s also a resource for scientific communities to gather valuable data about the underwater biodiversity. Our drones use the most advanced robotic technology. They automatically recorded date, time, weather conditions and location via GPS. Dive drones are equipped with a HD camera to ensure the clearest picture quality.

Dive’s platform can be monetized in many ways. The users pay a monthly subscription for premium features such as being to control a drone for longer periods of time or explore greater distances and locations. The site can be used as a platform for advertisers and sponsors. Forming key partnerships with the media such as the Discovery Channel, Dive becomes a new platform to engage users.

A significant portion of the money raised through dive will go towards conserving underwater habitats and marine research. Dive also empowers local communities by creating jobs and teaching them of the value of a healthy ecosystem. We believe that the key to conserving our oceans, lakes, rivers, and local waterways is to empower local communities and people around the world.

So, we made Dive.

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