We want to make a simple stress relief game that emulates a stress toy on a phone!

What it does

Shake the device and see various food and people you don't like explode!

How I built it

Dishtroy is built using: Swift, UIKit, AVFoundation, AVKit, CoreAnimation, CoreMotion, UIDevice

Challenges I ran into

  • We initially have great ambitious ideas for the hackthon but have decided to work on something more managable as both of us are novice Swift developers
  • We focused a lot of making the game extremely simple; concentrating on the gameplay and overall experience
  • We also put our attention to making a polish game
  • We have trouble learning about CoreAnimation and was only able to implement basic animation into the game

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I am proud being able to make a more polished game from my previous projects!
  • I am proud that I am able to learn what I need along the way in building the project!
  • I am glad that I have initially defined my scope of work for the hackathon so that I won't feel as stressed!
  • I am glad that I know my technical limitations and where I need to go to improve myself (particularly REST API calls)

What I learned

  • UIDevice vibrate
  • AVFoundation and AVPlayerLayer to fill the screen with the explosion video
  • CoreMotion Accelerometer Use
  • AutoLayer and StackView use
  • UIView.animate( )

What's next for Dishtroy

  • Add animations to the fruits so that the user can see them disintegrate as they shake the phone
  • Implement ReplyKit for instant reply and sharing
  • Publish to the App Store


Icons made by Smashicons link from link Icons made by Freepik link from link Exploding Tomato video by Chauncey Longman link Exploding Orange by Slow Mo Lab link Exploding Apple by thissiteishorrible link Explosion Video by LibraryDealer link

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