The Team

Trinity Parcero, Jenna MacBeth, Erinn Ferguson

The Idea

We wanted to create something educational and inspiring to kids without being preachy or boring. We quickly decided on a game, and the idea of typing in commands to move the player character stood out as a great way to teach kids the basics of writing code.

The Process

Unity 2D was decided on as a platform for developing our game almost immediately, given how quickly it could make a simple game and the way its component based structure makes it easier to understand for people who are new to building games than Monogame or a similar framework that requires a fairly solid knowledge and is not as easy to understand visually.

The Project

The version of Dino Dash we currently have is more of a show of concept than a full, complete game. The idea of typing in basic OOP commands such as dino.MoveLeft(); could be expanded to fit nearly anything. Commands could also be entered to access properties of a given object in a game setting. This game setup could become more complex, getting into more advanced concepts such as inheritance or protection levels. All in all, something like this could be an easy way for kids or even adults to break into the sometimes intimidating world of programming.

The Future

This game has plenty of potential to expand. Some simple additions that would deepen this game are that players could type in their own name for the dinosaur object, and more methods for the dinosaur (jump, duck, etc.) could be implemented. This is a strong foundation that can be built on and the sky's the limit!

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