The idea of the project come from a known problem and also a personal experience in the holy lands where the pilgrims don't have the information about their accommodations and transportations what alert panic and create a crowded area. Moreover, since not all pilgrims will have an access to internet connection, how to get the updates in case of planning alteration?

What it does:

  • It gives all the information for the pilgrims to their accommodations and transportations before leaving their hometowns
  • it offers the possibility for pilgrims to change their accommodations booking or transportation reservation in an easy way
  • In case of an area without an internet connection, the application communicates with the GUIDE application via a mesh network.
  • In case of an area with an internet connection, the App offers the tracking of the Bus driver (Application dedicated to the bus drivers or GPS tracking device) and provides the estimated arrival time.

How we built it:

Using Android Studio of the Drivers and Guide application and Ionic Cross-platform for Pilgrims. The Application will activate the Mobile Hotspot of the guide in order to let pilgrims connect to his network where the information will pass the TCP/IP channels.

Challenges we ran into:

  • Developing a mesh network over Wifi / Bluetooth.
  • Getting/ Setting data from the Google platform (We didn't get yet a mail with access to BigQuery for extracting Pirlgrims data)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The easy-to-use and user-friendly application that removes all kind of panic to Pilgrims for a better journey.
  • The early access to information will reduce the crowded area and organize both the housing and the transportation.
  • Taking into consideration the multiple conditions that the pilgrims can pass through (With/out the presence of internet connection)

What we learned

  • Plenty of things about the Hadj and mostly in development and IT field

What's next for Dhouyouf

  • Dhouyouf trend to be a platform to serve pilgrims rather than a single application offering management tools to the Pilgrims as well as the agency.
  • Analysis the data collected over the users and suggest better organization.
  • Improve the implementation and the functionality of the Mesh Network.
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