The idea for DevPulse arose from the necessity of developers to find info about employers and language prevalence according to location.


Helping software developers find a job they love.


Help developers find awesome jobs anywhere in the world. Give developers a snapshot of life working at different companies across the country.

What it does

  • We help Developers Find Jobs
  • We aggregate job listings from multiple API endpoints.
  • We provide users with a breakdown of the technology climate in any given job market.
  • We provide users with data to help them make a decision to relocate to a new market.
  • We provide users the ability to authenticate with GitHub using OAuth and the Firebase API.
  • We provide users who are authenticate with GitHub the ability to save jobs for later.

How I built it

The backend was built in JavaScript and Firebase, and the frontend was built with Materialize, HTML5/CSS, and Javascript. We utilized Firebase OAuth, Github Jobs API, Indeep API, Google Maps API.

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