My inspiration with fantasy art is always to go back to my early days as a D&D player. Matching a royalty theme with a festive atmosphere, I settled on an opulent Game of Thrones sort of vibe. :)

What it does

A little bit of bling for your feathery queens and kings!

How we built it

Vector drawing straight with illustrator, along with some touchups and lighting effects in Photoshop for the presentation PNGs.

Challenges we ran into

Illustrator is a bit of a beast, but it is super powerful and I always love to learn while creating.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was only my second time creating SVG art, and I am excited to continue that journey.

What we learned

There is a reason that people like to use apps like procreate to do the initial design, but there is also something raw and powerful about creating art with just the screen and a mouse.

What's next for CHLL.ONE

I am also a developer so I'm looking forward to jumping in with a coding project, and I also have some new collections in the works to release on Singular. I love this platform!

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