Our motives

We got this inspiration through our own experiences as foreigners in Monterrey, as we got worried about the safety in some parts of the city, so we decided to create an app to help others not to worry about places, so they can know which places not to go and where to go


What this app does is let users around the city to add accidents, events, and some other stuff to our map and let other user know if a certain places is dangerous, safe, has a carnival, event, close streets or even accidents.


We've spent 24 hrs doing this app, so it may have some rough edges, we used api's, libraries and our own knowledge to develop this crowdfunding app, best of all? is open source :)

BUGS! :(

We ran into a HUUUUGE challenge when a library was not giving us the right location, neither was being located by the IDE, so we had to postpone that idea of real time addtion to the app

We're proud of

We are really proud that our app, even though is not to its full potential, we are very happy with it, only if we had more time and knowledge


We learned about the usage of multiple databases, fields, documents and collection working together to make this fabulous app for helping the community.

What's next for App development for road contidion

Actually, there's quite a lot for this app, we think it has a great potential for the future, cultural development and community usage. We plan on adding realtime changes to the app, such as accidents, events and what not.

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