we thought about passover cleanings and then Yarden, a team member, saw her computer and noticed all the mess she have.She told us about it, and then we knew what we are about to fix.

What it does

the program sorts your computer by your own defenitions and then gives you the option to delete or to send files to a matching cloud.

How we built it

we cared a lot about the UX and about the user's comfort. we were building and designing the program, but simultaneously we researched about our compititurs. we got into all the little details and then... after a lot of hard work..walla.

Challenges we ran into

how to save the user's comfort as a main value.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the code, the design, the effectiveness and the feedbacks from our souradings.

What we learned

new parts in coding, simplisize stuf and teamwork.

What's next for DataKite


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