Have you ever had the urge to go out dancing but you didn't have anyone else to go with or wanted to try a new dance style?! Maybe it was because you felt your skills weren't up to par, maybe your friends don't like to dance, or maybe you don't even have friends. That's perfectly fine, because we solved your problem!!!

What it does

This app will set up user profiles depending on your location, availability, and skill level. Your profile will match you with others who you may consider dancing the night away with! This app gives you the ability to connect and set up dancing outings with people who want do the same.

How I built it

We built this by using a IBM Bluemix API. We had 4 members total. Half worked on the backend using java script and half worked on the front end using HTML. Along the way, we would always check in with each other and learn what they were working on. We used a lot of the skills that were mentioned in this app.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges that we ran into were figuring out how we were going to link everything together from front to back end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We felt accomplished when we would complete mini goals and individual checkpoints in the production. We helped each other instead of just saying "you do all of this and I'll do all of this", we worked as a TEAM and that's why we were able to excel!

What I learned

We learned how to use the IBM Bluemix API and others learned how to use Ionic, HTML, Illustrator, Express.js, Node.js

What's next for Dancify

We would want to implement our app even more so that users can create a group that allows them to invite others to a dance event they are attending.

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