A Friend of mine told me that the most crucial problem he faced in Hajj, was being lost. So in my team, we created a solution to this issue

What does HajjSwar do?

A HajjSwar is a bracelet that is put around the pilgrim’s wrist and helps him/her return if lost.

How do we make it?

1- A SwarHajj is a bracelet containing hardware sensors (NFS tag, RFID, GPS, GSM, 2 Buttons, Printed QR-Code, printed ID) A- SwarHajj bracelet sends an SMS to our server every 30 minutes including the pilgrim’s ID and his location. B- The first button in SwarHajj is designed to send an SMS to emergency numbers, the pilgrim should press this button in emergencies, as in case someone has difficulty with continuing this pilgrimage due to real fatigue (Medical Emergency situation) [Emergency button] C- The Second Button in SwarrHajj is designed to send an SMS to the pilgrim’s group Admin (قائد الحملة) to get the pilgrim back to his dwelling. The sms will contain the Pilgrim’s ID, his location, and the app will read this SMS and show all his personal data, to return him back. [GetMeBack button] 2- An android App: an app to Communicate with HajjSwar with (ID, QR-Code, NFC Tag) to get Pilgrim Public Data, and you can put his password to show private Data, And you can add any person Data you have there password to your contact List A- Public Data like ( Age, Nationality, Sex, Emergency, Admin No#, Blood Type, Diseases, Special needs, Hamlah Name) B- Private Data like: ( Residence, Hajj type, ID - Iqama, Travel By, Category, Class, Mina Location, Muzdalifa Loc., Arafat Loc., Hamla Type, Transportation)

Challenges we run into

Technical Challenges to implement this app like the integration with NFC tag Time frame of this Hackathon, that is 12 hour coding and making a good Design in this narrow time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a full wire-frame design for Android app Made a full Design for HajjSwar with brand new features Finish a full Mobile Design (UX) We designed a low cost bracelet with long life battery can last for all the duration of Hajj

What we learned

How to work in a team and to manage time in a narrow frame of it, to distribute tasks and to challenge ourselve to work under pressure in about 18 hours

What's next for D-01-SwarHajj

We’ll start mass production for the SwarHajj hardware, marketing for it.

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