There's a new campus opening for the university in town, and they want to attract cyclists to use their new facilities, also so that the limited parking isn't overwhelmed. Trouble is, the middle of town isn't very cycle friendly, so novice cyclists are hesitant.

A scheme called Bike Buddies was begun, which assigns an experienced rider to escort an inexperienced cyclist into the uni. The trouble with Bike Buddies is that its very onerous to expect people to personally escort new riders

What it does?

How we built it?

We used the lean canvas to brain storm the challenge, ideas, possible solutions and out unique differentiator in the segment.

Challenges we ran into?

We have prototyped some idea using available footage from Berlin we happend to have on hand to give an "out of towners" experience navigating a city using available on tools (Google Earth, YouTube). This involved locating this 2013 footage and creating the route manually by determining turn by turn navigating from the video.

Accomplishments that we are Proud of?

Pete: I am proud I was able to work out a route just by watching Jacqui's video. I felt I got the user experience of learning a new route.

Jacquie: I am proud of how our project grew to embrace our creative ideas and view on the challenges of confidently and more importantly enjoyably through a city.

Ben: I am of the name and how the team found tasks to contribute towards the project investigation.

What we learned?

Some new capabilities of Google Earth (linking to YouTube videos at specific times). We also discussed about reuse/retention of users over quantity.

What is next for Cycollage?

Future challenges will be to identify a platform for scaling the service.

How to foster a trusting engagement with users to share their data.

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